Box Fan "S​/​T"

by Reflective Tapes

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Vicky - Drums/Vocals.
Josh - Guitar/Vocals.

Recorded by Joey @ Punkall in February 2015.

This is Reflective Tapes #2.


released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Reflective Tapes Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: The Falling-Down Game
+ i try to get out of bed. i play the falling-down game instead. + i don't belong here but i'm gonna be here anyway.

+ i wanna believe that it's not cold out. + there are so many things i don't want to throw out.

+ i try to hear what you said but i shut off my brain instead.
Track Name: The Best Of All Possible Worlds
in the best of all possible worlds there'd be nothing left for us to learn.

we have left all our buddies behind before. we have slept on a pad on a rug on the floor.

in the best of all possible worlds there is still so much we can never know.
Track Name: Take A Walk In The Rain
we work in this place where it's cold almost every day. there is too much space + i can think of nothing to say.

i know what you would say. take a walk in the rain. even if we're running late.

when i make this face i am staring into open space.
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Have Fun
+ our house stays very quiet. i watch TV and yr tuning yr snare. + you shared yr weed and yr kindness when i didn't have much to spare.

+ i don't wanna have fun. + i don't wanna meet anyone.

+ i dunno why i wanted to live here. this town is really not my style. + you shared yr weed and yr kindness for just a little while.
Track Name: Our Ashtray
this is our ashtray. it's a yogurt cup. it's a place to put our butts. + i never thought this would be enough. now it's clear that it was.